Carlos Gaete, PhD.

Energy economy, digitalization and sustainability.


About me

I am passionate about promoting sustainable practices in society and actively seek pathways to achieve this goal. Climate change, caused by the extensive use of fossil fuels in producing goods and services, is the most pressing issue facing humankind today. Therefore, it is imperative that we increase the use of renewable energy sources globally. However, adopting renewable energy alone is insufficient to tackle this challenge. It is equally important to ensure efficient energy use, affordability, and minimal environmental externalities. My research aims to understand how different technologies and processes interact with energy availability and demand to find solutions that can aid decarbonization and promote sustainability.

My approach to research comprises two main steps. The first step involves developing modeling tools that can better represent new phenomena that play relevant roles in decarbonization and sustainability. In the second step, I apply these tools in specific contexts or geographical regions to understand their impact on energy systems. My research primarily focuses on the effect of energy storage, e-mobility, green hydrogen, and heating, aiming to identify cost-effective solutions with minimal environmental impacts.

To achieve these goals, I utilize optimization methods for techno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment to evaluate environmental impact. I also incorporate machine learning techniques at various stages of my research. I firmly believe in collaborative work and open access to data, and I use not only open-source software tools such as Python, Julia, and Rust, but also GAMS to ensure that my research is transparent and accessible.

Professional profile

I am research associate of the Energy, Transportation, Environment department at the DIW Berlin and an associate member at the Sustainable Industrial System group at The University of Manchester (UK).

I received my PhD in July 2019 from The University of Manchester. My dissertation consisted of a sustainability assessment of electricity generation by implementing optimization models and life cycle assessment (LCA). I hold a BEng degree in environmental and industrial engineering with more than eight years of experience in economic, social, and environmental projects.

I worked as an investment analyst for the Chilean government and previously on environmental projects for energy companies. My articles have been published in Nature Scientific Data, Applied Energy, and the Journal of Cleaner Production.

Please, check out the sections below. You will see the tools and publications as a result of my work. Feel free to contact me if you think I might be of help. I will be happy to hear from you and your ideas. You can find my email in the contact section and eventually fill out the contact form.

Scientific publications
Tools developed
Tools downloads



A power sector optimization model developed to investigate the role of electricity storage and sector coupling options in future scenarios with high shares of renewables

dieterpy pypi downloads

Python GAMS


Quick scenarios managing tool for optimization model results

symbolx pypi downloads

Python Karray Pandas


Python package for labelled N-D arrays

karray pypi downloads

Python Numpy


A Python tool that can create battery electric vehicle time series

emobpy pypi downloads

Python Plotly


Expanding solar energy capacity to power the transition to heat pumps
Roth, Alexander , Gueret, Adeline , Kittel, Martin , Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Kirchem, Dana and Schill, Wolf-Peter. 30 May 2022, DIW Weekly Report. Open file
Keywords: Heat pumps Sector coupling Energy modeling Natural gas
DIETERpy: a Python framework for the dispatch and investment evaluation tool with endogenous renewables
Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Roth, Alexander , Kittel, Martin and Schill, Wolf-Peter. 27 Jul 2021, SoftwareX. Open file
Keywords: Flexibility options Python Sector coupling Open-source modeling Power sector modeling Gams Energy storage Renewable energy integration
An open tool for creating battery-electric vehicle time series from empirical data, emobpy
Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Kramer, Hendrik , Zerrahn, Alexander and Schill, Wolf-Peter. 11 Jun 2021, Scientific data. Open file
Life cycle environmental impacts of electricity from fossil fuels in Chile over a ten-year period
Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Stamford, Laurence , Azapagic, Adisa and Gallego-Schmid, Alejandro. 20 Sep 2019, Journal of Cleaner Production. Open file
Keywords: Life cycle assessment Oil Coal Power generation Gas Climate change
A novel framework for development and optimisation of future electricity scenarios with high penetration of renewables and storage
Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Stamford, Laurence , Azapagic, Adisa and Gallego-Schmid, Alejandro. 15 Sep 2019, Applied Energy. Open file
Keywords: Levelised cost Renewable energy Climate change Energy storage System optimisation Energy planning
Identifying Sustainable Electricity Options for Chile
Gaete-Morales, Carlos 11 Mar 2019, The University of Manchester (United Kingdom). Open file
Assessing the environmental sustainability of electricity generation in Chile
Gaete-Morales, Carlos , Stamford, Laurence , Azapagic, Adisa and Gallego-Schmid, Alejandro. 25 Apr 2018, Science of the Total Environment. Open file
Keywords: Fossil fuels Renewable technologies Environmental sustainability Resource depletion Climate change Lca

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